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Oh gosh, most of this is SO spot-on

Imho. Reblogged from frodosweetstuff, who got it from youknowyouregerman on tumblr. The comments in the brackets are either from tumblr or from her.

You know you're German when...

- your taxis are all Mercedes cars and your police drive BMWs
- you feel uncomfortable addressing adults with "you" in English class
- you laugh about Johnny Depp's family name
- every house in your neighbourhood is blurry on Google Street View
- "Nothing for ungood"
- you get confused because of the old and the new spelling rules
- "weil einfach einfach einfach ist" makes perfect sense to you
- you can use four letter words on TV
- you argue over the gender of Nutella
- you know the difference between "das" and "dass"
- talking about the tails of animals gets really awkward
- you want to put commas everywhere
- you aren't allowed to dance or have parties on Good Friday
- you smash dishes and saw logs at weddings
- you complain about Dutch caravans on the Autobahns
- they sell Bratwurst burgers at your local McDonald's
- you receive your Christmas gifts on Christmas eve (in the evening) from the Christ child
- you expect chocolate in your shoes on December 6th
- your whole country discusses if 8:15 is called "quarter nine" or "quarter past eight"
- Schland, oh, Schland
- you want to kill Schnappi
- you know that Rosi's telephone number is 32-16-8
- you know what "ja, ja" really means
- they serve alcohol at your local McDonald's (also: legal drinking age 16, or 14 if accompanied by an adult) (Chepseh: WHAT? That rule with 14 must be a joke. I hope.)
- you switch all the lights and the TV off when you leave a room (Also, might add here: you have a deep distrust of air conditioning!)
- you have two sets of tyres for your car - one for summer, one for winter
- every good tv show starts at 8:15 pm, regardless of which channel it's on
- you separate your trash into five different bins or more
- you reply with "please" when someone thanks you in English
- you say "I will become the Schnitzel, please" (AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA, omg, yes.) (Chepseh: I am embarrassingly proud that I learned to avoid this special mistake)
- you are obsessed with your privacy but answer your phone with your last name
- beer is officially considered to be food
- you pay almost 1,800 Euros to get your driver's license
- you feel bad for anyone who doesn't own a duvet/eiderdown
- you go out for drinks with friends and everyone pays their own bill
- you can pronounce "Streichholzschächtelchen" even when heavily intoxicated
- you can say "you" to me
- you are sick of hearing this: "Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen Sie die Packungsbeilage und fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker"
- you got a driving license for your bicycle in primary school
- you know at least 15 different ways to cook potatoes
- your parents used to say "eat up or it will rain tomorrow"
- you call your cell phone a "handy"
- 300 types of bread are not enough
- you received your sex education from Dr. Sommer



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