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Oh gosh, most of this is SO spot-on

Imho. Reblogged from frodosweetstuff, who got it from youknowyouregerman on tumblr. The comments in the brackets are either from tumblr or from her.

You know you're German when...

- your taxis are all Mercedes cars and your police drive BMWs
- you feel uncomfortable addressing adults with "you" in English class
- you laugh about Johnny Depp's family name
- every house in your neighbourhood is blurry on Google Street View
- "Nothing for ungood"
- you get confused because of the old and the new spelling rules
- "weil einfach einfach einfach ist" makes perfect sense to you
- you can use four letter words on TV
- you argue over the gender of Nutella
- you know the difference between "das" and "dass"
- talking about the tails of animals gets really awkward
- you want to put commas everywhere
- you aren't allowed to dance or have parties on Good Friday
- you smash dishes and saw logs at weddings
- you complain about Dutch caravans on the Autobahns
- they sell Bratwurst burgers at your local McDonald's
- you receive your Christmas gifts on Christmas eve (in the evening) from the Christ child
- you expect chocolate in your shoes on December 6th
- your whole country discusses if 8:15 is called "quarter nine" or "quarter past eight"
- Schland, oh, Schland
- you want to kill Schnappi
- you know that Rosi's telephone number is 32-16-8
- you know what "ja, ja" really means
- they serve alcohol at your local McDonald's (also: legal drinking age 16, or 14 if accompanied by an adult) (Chepseh: WHAT? That rule with 14 must be a joke. I hope.)
- you switch all the lights and the TV off when you leave a room (Also, might add here: you have a deep distrust of air conditioning!)
- you have two sets of tyres for your car - one for summer, one for winter
- every good tv show starts at 8:15 pm, regardless of which channel it's on
- you separate your trash into five different bins or more
- you reply with "please" when someone thanks you in English
- you say "I will become the Schnitzel, please" (AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA, omg, yes.) (Chepseh: I am embarrassingly proud that I learned to avoid this special mistake)
- you are obsessed with your privacy but answer your phone with your last name
- beer is officially considered to be food
- you pay almost 1,800 Euros to get your driver's license
- you feel bad for anyone who doesn't own a duvet/eiderdown
- you go out for drinks with friends and everyone pays their own bill
- you can pronounce "Streichholzschächtelchen" even when heavily intoxicated
- you can say "you" to me
- you are sick of hearing this: "Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen Sie die Packungsbeilage und fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker"
- you got a driving license for your bicycle in primary school
- you know at least 15 different ways to cook potatoes
- your parents used to say "eat up or it will rain tomorrow"
- you call your cell phone a "handy"
- 300 types of bread are not enough
- you received your sex education from Dr. Sommer

Little question

To my dear readers who are English native-speakers -

on a scale from 0 to 10, how vulgar is the phrase "Bugger off!" nowadays? Is it worse than "Piss off"?

Thank you in advance! <3 No, I do not intend to insult someone.
For those who might have been wondering who would presumably hold the scepter in his hands today if Germany would still be a monarchy - - - ta daa, we had a Royal wedding this year as well.


Prince Georg Friedrich is the grand-grand-grandson ot the last real German "Kaiser", Emperor Wilhelm II. You might heard about him in WWI History lessons.

Georg Friedrich would have started to rule at a pretty young age, because when his grandfather died in 1994 he would have been the next direct successor to the throne. Georg's father died already 1977  in a tragic military accident.

But I guess it's telling something that neither my mother nor I knew anything about his recent marriage until we heard about it more or less accidentally ca. two weeks later. Yes, it's been in the newspapers, but I didn't make any big headlines (unless you count the most yellowish gossip magazines as newspapers as well). The German aristocracy is still per se existing, the family ties are still supposed to be strong and some Royals are still rather rich, but the direct political influence is almost non-existing compared to what used to be.

I'm starting

After a first failed try ( it was only a half-hearted one ) I've got now a real account here, too. So far I'm not planning to write much in my own journal. At the moment, I'm using my membership "only" to comment on other journals, to participate.



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